Serenity: Bird Watch

woodpeckerThis morning as I stumbled into the kitchen, set up the coffee maker I became enraptured with the birds feeding outside the breakfast nook big window. While the coffee was cooking in the Kurig cooker with my “Fog Chaser ™” brand I sat down to watch the birds and turned on the PBS classical station for music. Lilting music from the Sunrise String Quartet playing Hyden’s Opus 76, as I remember, just lulled me into a mindset of no thoughts, no cares, no worries-just complete joy, with a focus on the 100 plus birds outside my window. Read More

Inquiring Minds

atomicYes, I do get questions. Here are some answers that may be of interest as well as updates, concerning past articles. The articles are in bold, and the responses below them.

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Honeybee sightings March 2, 2014

beeThis was a rare treat after 4 years of no honeybees in this area. This morning in our breakfast nook we noticed a few honeybees digging in the bird feeder dust. Ah Ha! They were looking for pollen (substitute) that I have discussed many times before in previous articles. Time to provide more feed.

Diane cut open a fresh bag of milled corn meal, fine quality, and I placed about a cup or two of the fine corn meal on the flat shelf of the bird feeder. They dove in and some flew off to “waggle dance” showing where pollen could be found. This implies that they have started prepping up for the queen to lay eggs. This is exciting.

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Arf-Arf. Pain Medicine for Dogs

kixxMy dog Kixx, a Great Pyrenees at about 100 lbs, or more, has reached 8 years plus. Big Dogs do not live as long as small dogs. When they all start to fade the first symptom of a healthy but aging dog, from my observation of dozens of dogs is that they become slower, can’t walk as well, cannot climb stairs and generally like to lie down and sleep. The stiffness in the legs, an arthritis pain just speeds them onto the Rainbow Bridge. What to do?

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Snow Prepping

snowplowThe true test of prepping is to experience what you are prepping for. So in this vein go to your calendar and mark in the March Month (where all the sales are for winter goods) that you will shop for a Kerosene heater perhaps two or more. I bought at Wal*Mart five heaters at 40 bucks each as an example. Also kerosene, which is expensive by my standards, is a bit cheaper in the summer months, as is propane. Although there are a few, believe it or not, Army surplus tent heaters that can use gasoline as a fuel. Beware! Gasoline is not for house use. Kerosene is very stable, and unless the cat knocks the glass lantern off the kitchen table there is little risk of fire hazard. No house cats.

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H5N1-H7NG-H10N8: Flu for you

virusAs a combat veteran I have viewed, however reluctantly, dead bodies piled high and wide. My observations pale into insignificance when we study the great plagues of the world, most notably Europe in the 1300’s, and cycling every other generation on to the great plague of 1655. The worst known plague wiped out at least ½ the world’s population in the 6th century-known as the Justinian plague. This terror contributed to the collapse of the Roman Empire. Plague still exists today: India. Asia, South Western USA as examples.

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