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  1. Jane
    February 10, 2016 @ 1:56 pm

    Great information – I have a 13 year old Costa Rican Tourist Hound – i found him as a starving 7 week old puppy on the beach in Mal Pais. 10 days later he was trying to figure out what the cold white stuff was all over the ground at his new home in Massachusetts! He’s got bad right rear hip arthritis, had a few tick borne illnesses over the years, and has developed a number of benign fatty cysts, one of which would burst and leak all over the furniture. We did some injections of Adequate (like Cosequin injected directly into the joint) that helped but he hated going to that vet’s office – slippery floors are trouble for him. (Our vet is mobile and he loves him). He’s on Tramadol and Gabapentin for the pain, and following the directions of a friend that is a medical cannabis patient (we’re in a legal medical marijuana state) and on the advice of a Vet in WA I started him on cannabis oil – it cleared up the leaking cyst completely and helps with the pain but it’s still not always enough. I think I will try Corydalis. How is your Pyr doing? My first dog was a Great Pyrenees. I was 4 when I got her and when she couldn’t herd me she’d go to the farm next door and round up the dairy cows. The farmer didn’t mind but the cows got kind of confused.


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