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  1. Raymond G.
    June 12, 2015 @ 10:26 am

    I have been raising a backyard garden for a few years now. We have all heard about Honey Bee Colony Collapse Syndrome by now. Probably the average person doesn’t get the true significance of this problem, since they don’t see the immediate results first hand. The go to the grocery store and see plenty of food there. It’s another thing if your a farmer or gardener. Last year my garden produced a bumper crop for me. There were honey bees everywhere when the cucumbers were blooming and they were very prolific. This year I have been looking for honey bees and in the last month I have only see about 4 bees and they weren’t all on the same day. I have Zucchini, Cucumbers, Tomato’s, Straw Berries, and several other garden veggies that produce nice blooms, like peas and beans. I would think this should attract many bees but they are just not there. I fear we are in big trouble here in America and I don’t believe the average person realizes they can do something about this problem. For one thing they could use a lot less pesticides and herbicides on they property. Also, we all need to educate ourselves about Honey Bee Health. The more we understand what Honey Bees need to survive the better off we will all be. If you have the desire and the location, maybe you could even learn how to raise bee’s yourself. These are just a few of my thoughts about the protection of our food supply. We need Bees and Bees need us.


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