War Drums are beating harder and with real nuclear threats

European news and Russian news threaten nuclear war soon.  I do not want to be an alarmist but I realize that USA Media is wrapped up in Hurricanes and elections; some critics say it is deliberate non-disclosure of vital information.

Some time back I had mentioned that President Putin of Russia had warned his people to “prepare for nuclear war”.  Presently Russia has taken great steps in protecting its people by constructing underground massive bunkers in Moscow that can contain 12,000,000 citizens. Other people are being sent to remote “safe” cities in the hinterlands.

Article: 40 Million Russians Set to Drill for World War III

Regrettably the USA has only bunkers stocked with food and water around the Washington DC area. These are alleged to be for the political elite who will have, perhaps the 30 minutes warning time, maybe less, with the new Russian super fast missiles.

Why is all this happening?

Russia Insider:OOPS! — Looks Like a World War!

Recent veiled threats (Russian interpretation) by the USA concerning Syria have aroused great fears. The interpretation goes like this: First the collaboration of USA and Russia air strikes has failed. The USA still supports Arab countries involved with terrorists such as ISIS. Russia on the other hand wants to destroy ISIS and allied terrorist organizations plus keep supporting President Assad of Syria.  This is a surface broad international known stance, however the oil and gas lines across Syria are in the stage shadow. All this is complicated by Iran building up its military strength with the probability of nuclear weapons. President Obama at the conclusion of the treaty with Iran and paying out 150 Billion dollars stated” we are safe from (nuclear) war for five more years”.  Enter the Chinese who also want a slice of the oil and natural gas.

The collapsed US-Russia talks on a “No Fly Zone” around targeted cities in Syria results in the Russian air force continuing bombing and the USA not wanting bombing. This is a thrust of rattling nuclear sabers on the US side of the coin. This will be the main issue after the next US President is elected.

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Two neuron weapons of small caliber recently bombed Yemen. This was recorded on YOU-TUBE and reported by me in May.  Although greatly part of the big spin by the news it was quite evident what transpired.

Neutron weapons first developed in the early 1950’s are composed of (then) an atomic (Fission weapon) trigger and proton saturation.  The neutron weapon has limited destructive effect (except at the blast point) and is designed to kill people (living things) not destroy infrastructure.

Israel is painted as the sycophant of Saudi Arabia in attacking Yemen, a key state in the proposed gas and oil pipeline to Asia proper. Most of this uproar is also based on the Muslim Sunni vs Shiite divide in their religion.

Apparently this immediate threat of a nuclear exchange of missiles and other devices is questionable at this time as the national presidential elections are in full swing. This brings to mind that the election saturation of the news allows the military to focus on what they are designed to do. Another view it is all hyperbole to keep confusion running amuck.  Another view is to paint one of the presidential contenders as a war hawk and as soon as elected will cause WWIII to happen.  The only stainable facts are the nuclear drills that Russia is undertaking as well as the placement of S300 missiles and now the S400 radar directional system in Syria that would make any one tremble. (Read previous articles on this system.)

The dove side of the possibilities of a nuclear exchange will most likely be in the mid-east, the Ukraine and Pakistan-India regions with a tit for tat exchange.  The Russians have superior ICBM’s and other sophisticated war weapons targeting military installations.  The end result could be a nuclear winter.

Experts on the possibility of a nuclear US-Russia exchange would spread to other countries and result in 4 to 5 billion worldwide deaths. Keep in mind the 16 or so known other countries with nuclear weapons-North Korea maybe will be in the forefront of action.

Who Wins?  Wins What?

This is the time to get busy and set up a grow house in your basement with high intensity lighting, and order non-hybrid, non-GMO, heirloom vegetable seeds from Amazon. I will address this more in the next article.

God Bless.
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