Yo Ho-Blow the man down…

hurricanesMonster 200 MPH wind will pick you up and overboard you go. The same scenario applies to you land lubbers as to being swept into traffic which are also having problems staying on the road.

A Category 5 hurricane is a serious danger not only for walking the dog, but also for the trees, poles, roof tops, trash cans, bicycles and anything that is not tied down blowing you down. You have no option other than preparing for the storm onslaught and staying inside a safe and secure building.

This is Hurricane season on into November for which we had a bad storm a couple of years back. The current threat, Hurricane Mathew, is dithering on coming up the coast or maybe going out to sea. In any event coasties can expect flooding as the least concern. If Hurricane Mathew strikes the mainland and moves up the coast the damages will be in the billions and the insurance companies will go broke. Yes, go broke. From the last blow there was so much loss the insurance business has banded together to bear the costs evenly which means higher premiums for you.

Global climate change is having an effect on worldwide weather. England is expected to have a major freeze this winter and that means most of Europe too. Whether or not you accept this premise, the weather is changing.

So you have prepped at the close of the last major storm, BUT have eaten up the supply of canned beans and took the gasoline stored for your generator and used it for the lawnmower. The fact is more bad weather is upon us. Time to prepare.

I have been lecturing for over 30 years in this community about “stocking up”. If Hurricane Mathew hits Norfolk we will feel the effects here in Floyd. Three hundred miles of distance is not that big of a protection barrier. Roads will be washed out, groceries closed, and shelves empty. Electricity will be off for weeks, maybe months. There will be no leisurely trips to Wally World.

A 1950’s atomic bomb shelter is ideal, but they are far and few between. You had best head to the basement, or lacking a basement make friends with somebody who has a basement where all the survival foods are usually stored. The goal is to get out of the wind path.

Flooding is a risk for low land areas and you need to move to another house on higher grounds. Being in the path of a bobbling creek is nice in good weather but it will become a river of doom with the water run off from higher ground.

Root cellars make good shelters-ask any Kansas farmer who faces tornado risks.

The safest place in a city is a car parking multi level parking garage. These have heavy reinforced concrete walls and if you were to cluster with the family in the west top corner you might have good protection. This is what I advised my daughter who lives in Norfolk. If you are braving out the storm in your house or apartment pull down the blinds and shades to reduce flying glass. Stay in a closet when the walls tremble.

State and Federal buildings from the 50’s have basements. Perhaps the community emergency shelters may have wind protection. Check this in advance.

Before hand, store water and caned food. Wear heavy-duty nail resistant shoes and have on hand plenty of blankets. Do not expect immediate rescue, make do with creating your own shelter from the rains and lesser winds.

Following major storms the rats come out- human rats that prey on the elderly and injured. Have a weapon handy.

Most everyone has a generator and you think of using it in the basement. The carbon monoxide exhaust will KILL YOU in minutes. If you use a generator place it outside after the winds have abated.

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Good luck and may God bless you.

Old Timer

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