WAR drums continue to beat

Yes there is more WAR formation and it is building up a likely potential in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey. Israel is now engaged in a trade squabble with the United Nations bureaucracy.

First Let us reflect on the cause of all this current mess. Recall the Russian airplane shot down over Turkey’s airspace and Russia imposing a shut down of trade costing Turkey, a NATO member, billions of lost dollars. Turkey threatens war with Russia and moves Tanks to the Syrian border and Russia moves highly sophisticated missile and advanced radar controls to the Turkey border.

Russia has recently signed a missile/aircraft defense against Turkey with Armenia. What prompted this was that Mesopithinia (A Christian Nation) was invaded by Turks 115 years ago and slaughtered the population of 1.5 MILLION people. The Turks took over the country and it is now named Turkey, an Islamic state. Armenia hates Turkey still demanding an apology for this genocide.

Russia has declared Iraq and Syria a Russian fly zone and told the USA and others it would shoot down any hostile aircraft that attacks President Assad’s troops. Russia recently declared nuclear war armament on the Russian advanced stealth submarine, Rostof-on-don, employing the 3M-54 Kalibr Missiles, which can be submarine launched, land launched, or airplane launched tipped with a nuclear warhead. This submarine just launched several non-nuclear cruise missiles into the Levant war zone destroying an IS facility. This submarine has recently launched an ICBM on a test flight, successfully, into Siberia testing grounds.

150,000 Russian troops are now in Syria for expected confrontation with Turkey, who has also entered the Levant hostile area, purporting to be training Kurds. Iraq has said it wants the USA and Turkey out of its country, or they will start a war with them.

Russia’s President Putin declared to the Russian people to prepare for nuclear war.

President Obama is vacationing in Hawaii.

While all this is going on the United Nations learning about Russia and Israel engaging in trade of fruits and vegetables imposes a long neglected argument about Israel labeling its commerce with “Made In Israel” labels. Israel has rejected this premise for years and especially now stating it is a return to the Holocaust forcing Jews to wear “stars” on their chest. Interesting enough that since Turkey, a NATO member and a candidate for membership in the European Union who used to sell fruits and vegatbles to Russia before the above aircraft incident is supporting this infringement on the Israel people as a punishment for Israel dealing with Russia. Keep in mind that this is not a pushcart deal, those fruits and veggies add up to several billion dollars.

Russia has a free fly zone over Israel.

Terrorism by ISIS now suggests a new attack on Europe. They are alleged by several European news sources to have amassed SARIN Poison Gas canisters and will release this in a European major city (Unknown). Europe is hopping of course. Switzerland has captured two of the terrorists but three others have eluded the Swiss police. The European News reports that Secretary of State Kerry has made a trip to Russia to ask for help in this possible event of terror. The trade off is that Russia and the USA will work closer together, the USA will stay out of Syria and the sanctions lifted against Russia. This is a major bombshell in news casting and it appears legitimate. The same news was posted on Google this morning about cooperation with Russia, but left out the potential Sarin Gas Attack, which if disclosed and/or happens would be thought to discredit the Obama administration.

With our open boarders could ISIS bring in Sarin death canisters to create more terror in the USA, or should we just say Ho Hum?

15 countries in South America have been listening for years propaganda from Iran and the closeness of Iran to the respective governments. This broadcast goes on 24/7. The interest Iran has with Argentina is to gain nuclear technowlegy and openly discusses this. In the mean time most of South America and Latin America proper are in financial chaos leading to tens of thousands of people, mostly children getting across our boarders every week, maybe days. Who counts? Fox News on 12/17/15 started the dialog about the surprising number of Syrian refugees landing by airplane in this country. Think about your taxes paying for free trips.

A Canadian news source stated the United States has, now, 100,000 Syrian migrants in the USA.

While we are handling 10,000 children, mothers and young adults weekly across the southern border we are now faced with a new migrant swarm of Cubans. Oddly enough our Mexican community of migrants are starting to drift back to Mexico; perhaps because of our weak economy, and no jobs.

Germanys refugee problem is just overwhelming the capacity to feed, house and care for these people. Denmark and Sweden, as well as Germany have cut back on the cash benefits and requiring, as in Denmark, that the refugees pay their own way. Denmark is now searching the luggage and personal effects of migrants for money and jewelry to help pay for the diminished state reserves. Rather a reminder of the far right Nazi Germany-however this is modern times.

Some migrants are subsidized to return to the mid eastern countries. They complain of the winter cold, boredom and lack of organic foods, that they” have to carry to their living quarters”. This was a commentary from Norway, which I speculate there are few taxies in the dead of winter snows.

Rapes, robberies, gangs of migrants are increasing, and the state is afraid to address the issue less the Muslim migrant community is offended and riots take hold. Sweden remains the (male) rape capital of the western world. Female rapes have increased 6 fold in the past 2 years. German citizens continue to arm themselves with firearms, pepper spray and in one case, a crossbow with considerable increased purchasing in all German states albeit fearing that the German Federal Government will not protect German Citizens. Jews are rapidly leaving Germany and France.

There remain 20Million refugee-migrants in North Africa mid eastern countries as well as Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, and if we add all the potential refugees we are facing, 60Million within the next few short years as quoted by the United Nations.

Europe proper and the benevolent Great Britton will be decimated into bankruptcy and political turmoil. More on this as I gather more data from the European news services and correspondences.

God Bless us all. Live long and prosper. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year- 2016.

Old Timer

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